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Interactive Touch Screens

To give today’s students the best possible education, it is crucial to integrate technology into the classroom. We supply, install and maintain interactive touch screens for schools. Our brand of choice is the excellent iBoardtouch range.


Why choose an interactive touch screen for your school?

Save Money - Although the purchase cost of an interactive touch screen is higher, the total cost of ownership is lower than a typical projector setup. Our entry level i55 VSeries screen uses less power (230W) than a projector setup (1010W). Further, there is no additional cost for replacement bulbs and our screens have a much longer life span.

No lighting issues - You don’t need to dim the lights or close the blinds in order to see the crisp, high quality iBoardtouch display. In addition, all screens are fitted with anti-glare glass. This means the screen can face sunlight without affecting the quality of the picture. Your students can comfortably view your content from different locations in the room without eye strain.

Keep your students engaged - Promote engaging classroom experiences with interactive and collaborative lessons. Use your touchscreen for lessons for the whole class or working in groups.

Portable - Teaching doesn’t only happen at the front of the classroom. Our screens can be mounted on a floor stand and moved where you need them.

Less Hassle - Ever bumped into a projector setup and spent precious teaching time recalibrating the display? Eliminate this issue with an interactive touchscreen. No calibration needed. Just walk up to the screen and teach.

Do your screens work with Windows and Mac computers?

Yes, you can connect Windows or Mac laptops to the screens. For a more seamless option, you can Windows PC module directly to the screen.

Are all your screens HD?

Our entry level screens offer 1920 x 1080p FULL HD resolution. Our models with screens of 55 inches or more all provide 4K UHD.

How long will your screens last?

The V Series has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. That’s almost 22 years if used every school day for 7 hours per day. We also offer a 6 year on site deinstall/reinstall warranty.

Are your displays easy to use?

Most students are familiar with touchscreen technology from using mobiles and tablets at home. There are 32 touch points so up to 32 users can interact with the screen at the same time. You can also write directly on the screen with your fingers; no stylus required.

What apps can I use with your displays?

You can download any apps from the App Store or Google Play Store for use with your touchscreen. Think of it as your giant tablet.

What additional software do you provide?

The iBoardTouch comes with built in software to support your teaching. IWB Pro is premium whiteboard software loaded with mini apps like screen recorder and page replay. It also converts Smart and Promethean software so you don’t need to pay their subscription fees.
DigiClass allows you to connect up to 40 iPads or devices to the front class screen to send files and collaborate. iFlipChart is the smart sketching and annotation software especially suited for interaction with younger children.

Can I access documents from other applications?

Yes, you can access files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Smart Exchange and Promethean. You can also access content from your connected laptop or PC.

Is the screen wall mounted only?

There are a number of installation options for your display screen. Create a pop up classroom by pairing your screen with a mobile floor stand. All stands have heavy duty casters to allow you to easily move your screen into position. Make your screen accessible to users of different heights with the Manual Counter Balance Wall Lift. This balancing system holds the screen in place until pushed up or down. There are more options available so call us to discuss your requirements. All installation should be handled by a professional, qualified installer.

Looking for professional interactive touch screen installers in Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and the rest of West Yorkshire? GRS Controls supply, install and maintain screens for schools and businesses. Give us a call on 0844 3588807 with any questions or schedule a demonstration in our new facilities.

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