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Home Lighting

Discover the benefits of professionally installed energy efficient LED lighting and easy to use lighting control.

Home Lighting and control is a great way of turning your house into a truly inspiring home.  A lighting control system makes creating scenes for entertaining, relaxing or cooking as simple as pressing a button. This can be done from a keypad on the wall, an in wall touchscreens and even a mobile device. 

Not only can this be done in one room, but from the touch of a button you can create scenes for the whole house, for example a welcome button when you come home or a goodbye for when you leave switching all the house lights off.  Lighting controls will bring every light in the home under one system, whether that’s a corner lamp, a downlight or LED feature lighting.  It doesn’t even matter if you have just decorated as we can also retro fit a system starting with one room, and later expand to as many as you like. 

We also come back after one month to make any alterations to the lighting scenes and control, as we understand that as you use the system more you will have your own personal ideas on how you would like it to work and the levels of your scenes.

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