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Home Automation

Enjoy the benefits of a professionally installed home automation system. We are a Control4 dealer, which means we install one of the most intuitive touch screen interfaces available.

Smart home automation is no longer only for luxury homes and science fiction movies.
Imagine you open your eyes in the morning to soothing music as your blinds gradually open to let the light in. Your entire home is heated to a comfortable temperature. As you leave for work, you lock the doors and arm your security system with one button. Personalised to fit your lifestyle, home automation does this and much more. Let us help your home reach its full potential.
Located in Manchester, Leeds or the rest of Yorkshire? Contact us now on 0844 3588807 for professional advice or read more below on how integrated technology can improve every room of your house.



With home automation technology in your bedroom, you can adjust the blinds to block out the morning sun without taking a step out of your bed. Control the temperature in your room so it is exactly how you like it. Even turn your bedroom lights on or off from anywhere in your house with a single touch. Never worry about the batteries going dead in your smoke alarm again! With smart home technology, you can invest in integrated alarms which test their own battery power multiple times a day. And they can sync with your phone and alert you if you’re in danger.


Revolutionise your home entertainment in your smart home. Once your system is installed, all of your devices- your phone, laptop, TV and entertainment system will connect to each other. You will have a seamless entertainment experience controllable from one single remote. Say goodbye to all players and boxes spread around your home. Listen to different songs in each room of your house. With Control4 systems, you can access a number of popular streaming services like Pandora and Napster. Fell asleep watching a movie in your living room? Once you are in your bedroom, resume on a new screen easily.


The smart kitchen is the ultimate in 21st century home technology. There are more home automation products changing the modern kitchen than ever before. You can install an app which tells you how many eggs you have left in the fridge or receive calls when your hands are full through voice activation. Perhaps most important, you can manage your family’s energy consumption in one of the busiest rooms in your home. Reduce your bills by automatically switching off lights and appliances which are not in use. Control your washer and dryer to ensure they run during off peak hours.



Many smart home installations focus on security and entertainment and an important room in the house is overlooked. Of course, you can control the colour and brightness of the lighting in your bathroom from your phone but you can also manage your underfloor heating. Fancy listening to your energising playlist in the morning? No problem. Your Bluetooth speakers can stream whatever you like while you get ready for the day ahead. Add a waterproof tv near your bathtub so you can soak and stream your favourite TV shows when you need to unwind.


Your family’s security is of paramount importance. Most smart home systems have a number of security features designed to give you peace of mind. Did you leave your garage door open? Receive an alert on your phone and solve the problem without having to leave your office. If you are on holiday, a Control4 system can mimic your family’s movements by randomly switching lights and devices on and off. With security cameras fitted outside your home, you can monitor live activity from your tablet even if you are thousands of miles away. And if you have an unexpected guest, you can remotely grant them access to your home so they don’t set off any alarms. But that’s not all. If you have a pool or spa, adjust the lighting before you take a late night dip or turn up the heat on the extra cold nights.

Are you looking for the best home automation installers in Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and the rest of West Yorkshire? GRS Controls are home automation specialists. We provide custom solutions for your home. We listen to your individual needs and each of our installations is unique to your lifestyle and your requirements. We work with a number of key brands such Control4, Crestron and Lutron to deliver the highest standards of quality and cutting edge technology to your home. Give us a call on 0844 3588807 with any questions or schedule a demonstration in our new facilities.

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