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Our Cinema Demo Room is Ready!

Posted on: Mar 12, 2015

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Our brief was to make an existing spare room into a cinema room with a pelmet running all the way round, with a colour changing led strip for ambient light and stars in the ceiling for an amazing night time effect. The sound had to be just right, so with the room not being a large space, a 5.1 surround set up was just right. We also put in a drop down screen and a projector.

To achieve this we started with the pelmet and cutting out for the speakers and a drop down projection screen which fitted into the pelmet, we also left a gap at the back for a projector.  Once this was in we wired all the cabling and the room was decorated. 

We then came back and started drilling the holes for the stars in the ceiling and fitting the fiber optic cables for each star.  We used a kit from starscape which will shimmer as well so gives a natural effect.  The LED strip went in next and was controlled via a Rako lighting module and a keypad at the door. 

Next the speakers which were sonance speakers and subwoofer, these were perfect for the size of room and sounded amazing.  The projector is a Panasonic PT-AE400 LCD this will give full HD and a crisp picture, together with the 96” drop down screen it makes a good set up.  Once the room was complete we then had to integrate it all with our Control4 system and the Yamaha AV receiver, so using the room was easy and simple. 

Now we have a complete cinema room that can access the Sky boxes, movie server, apple TV and PlayStation 4, added together with some nice programming like a movie button on the keypad to start the whole room up including lighting and starting with all your movies on the screen. 

This demo room is a success in every aspect and we are very pleased to show you what it can be like to own your very own.  

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